Our Products


Our Products 

Australian Beverages will have 5 high-quality mass-market brands plus a significant private-label bottled water business:


Active Original: 100% pure Australian water with a crisp and clean taste - Active Original is the go-to choice for everyday hydration.

Active Sports: Now in a convenient pump bottle - Active Sports makes it easier to stay hydrated while on the move.


Active Alkaline

Kingfisher Natural Spring Water: Refreshing water extracted from the Eastern Australian mountains and bottled at source, delivering an authentic premium drinking experience.

Mount Everest: Invigorating and always fresh, Mount Everest water is high on quality and taste.


Private Label

Customised water bottles are a great way to promote your organisation, brand or event and provide a striking visual and tangible element to your marketing strategy. Australian Beverages will supply premium bottled-water products with multiple packaging options, giving clients the freedom to customise their private label solution to meet their unique needs.

Australian Beverages will strive to create a product that is consistently excellent and more importantly, a product that can be trusted to reflect clients’ personal brands to the highest standards.